Firearms and ammunition
You can bring hunting arms and ammunition to Poland on the basis of an European Firearm Passport – if this weapon is mentioned in the said document bringing it into Poland is leagal. If you do not have such a passport, you have to apply for a permit directly at the Polish embassy or consulate.

The following documents should be enclosed to the application form:
1. A voucher issued by the Huntingpol,
2. A passport valid for at least 6 months,
3. A completed application form.

Our voucher is the confirmation that you go to hunt in Poland – specific hunting ground and period in time.

Hunting report
After the hunting the report is made. On the basis of the report you can take your trophies with you. The report is also a basis for the final account.

Polish law
You are strictly obliged to respect the regulations of the Polish hunting law and the hunting regulations and fence months for the game. The violation of these rules concerning the fence months will cause the payment of penalty fees according to the rates established by the Ministry.The shooting in the close-season may bear the penal and tax responsibility according to the decision given by the authorities of the preservation.